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Adventures in AU Neo-Olympus Legend of the Four The Penalty Game



~ Fan Art ~
Art sent to us by our "adoring fans",
okay, actually just really nice people who pity us.

~ Gift Art ~
Art from us to other people.

~ Icons ~
We love Chibis! We love icons! And we're sure you do
too. Icons made from chibis and 6 Lefts cover /
miscellaneous art will be made available here.
Use them for LJ or for forum avatars!
No direct linking please.

~ Downloads ~
Glitter and Lycorne are always making desktops from
thier favorite anime series or thier own art, now you can
download thier creations.
For personal use only, don't steal.

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All writings & artwork are Becky Shropshire [Lycorne] and Ashley Holloway [Glitter].
Six Lefts in no way represents the views or opinions of Auburn University. Nor do the writers and artists hold any copyright to the name, Auburn University. We're just students there, so the characters in the comic attend the same university as we do.
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