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Author Info

Meet your artists and writers...

Glitter & Lycorne
Meet the Authors

Your webcomic artists and writers
in charge of Six Lefts and Adventures in AU.
We both co-write Six Lefts, and our individual jobs are:

:: Lycorne ::
Winged Blue Elf
Lead Artist for Six Lefts, Web-Minkey, and occasional filler and back-cover artist

:: Glitter ::
Sparkly One
Colorist, Letterer & CGer for Six Lefts, Front Cover and Secondary Artist

Lycorne Lycorne
Real Name: Becky Shropshire
Email: lycornes@yahoo.com
Comic Job: Creator/Writer; Artist; Web-minkey
Age: 21
B-day: 12.29.1981
Class: 7th semester, Junior
Major: Software Engineering
College: Auburn University, Alabama
Hometown: Huntsville(area), Alabama
Personal Website: Lycorne's Serindipity, The Legend of the Four

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Hiking, Anime(Japanese animation), Messing with my websites, Doing my comic(s), Collecting various weapons (with the exception of guns, don't care for those), and Practicing Kung Fu (Southern Midori Yama Budokai Eagle Claw)

Quote: "Everyone despises the idea of destiny, you see it everywhere, plastered through our media... Movies... books... Fight the future... Defy destiny... But don't you see? That which is your destiny will be laid out to happen as a natural result of the choices you would make on your own. Don't you see? To defy destiny is to deny yourself. And I thought all that defying destiny crap was about not letting someone change who and what you are... Not letting something else unnaturally control your actions." - Copyright Becky Shropshire

Glitter Glitter
Real Name: Ashley Holloway
Email: micarei@hotmail.com
Comic Job: Creator/Writer; Letterer; CGer; Front Cover Artist
Age: 22
B-day: August 25, 1981
Class: Good Question...
Major: Graphic Design
College: Auburn University, Alabama
Hometown: Phenix City, Alabama
Personal Website: Ashley's Haven

Hobbies: Reading, Manga, Anime, Hanging out with Friends, Web Surfing, Messing with my Computer, Making Desktops, Making various Collages

Quote: "Just be grateful I'm not making you pay for all the damage You've caused. This is the fifth town this week! (In his cockpit, Quatre calls up a list of Italian renaissance city-states.) Hmm, that about does it for Florence... DBZ reserved the coliseum for the Cell game... Tenchiís in Taranto... Evangelion's in the Vatican butchering Catholic symbolism... Well, I guess this play'll have to move to Verona." - Quatre, Romeo and Juliet: Gundam Wing Style

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All writings & artwork are © Becky Shropshire [Lycorne] and Ashley Holloway [Glitter].
Six Lefts in no way represents the views or opinions of Auburn University. Nor do the writers and artists hold any copyright to the name, Auburn University. We're just students there, so the characters in the comic attend the same university as we do.
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