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Six Lefts

Six Lefts is the new comic to the ADVinAU site. It posts one full-color page every Tuesday (barring any unforseen disasters). It is a collaboration between, Lycorne and new artist and writer, Glitter, both of whom are Auburn University students. They work together to create the story and dialogue, Lycorne draws and inks regular pages, Glitter colors, letters, and CGs the regular pages as well as doing the art and colors for the omake and front cover pages. Back cover pages are done by anyone with the free time to do it, including guest artists.

The concept behind Six Lefts, in the most general terms, is to parody anime, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, pop culture, books, the real world, our friends and ourselves to create a visual story that has elements from all. Your main characters will be given superpowers and enemies to fight, but you can expect, using those powers won't be as simple as they are for Sailor Moon or Superman. Above all, it's meant to be a satirical comedy, a joke on the world around us, but like any decent story, it will also have serious moments. The characters will be, for the most part, modeled off of the people who made the core group of Auburn University's anime club back when we were designing the main characters. The other characters will be either completely of our own invention, or part of the people we meet around Auburn. And because this is it's own story, you don't have to worry about not knowing a person in the comic, we'll introduce you in a proper story style for 6 Lefts.

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All writings & artwork are Becky Shropshire [Lycorne] and Ashley Holloway [Glitter].
Six Lefts in no way represents the views or opinions of Auburn University. Nor do the writers and artists hold any copyright to the name, Auburn University. We're just students there, so the characters in the comic attend the same university as we do.
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